About CrowdfundHQ

Turn ideas into reality

CrowdfundHQ wholeheartedly believes crowdfunding can change how the world works for the better. With crowdfunding, people can make their dreams come true. Take an idea and turn it into action, and create a larger web of supportive community, with new and innovative methods of gathering funds.

Create with passion

What crowdfunding can do is really inspiring, and we want to make it accessible to as many people as possible. Our core team members are passionate about crowdfunding, pouring ideas, design, and creativity into a platform we believe can really change people's lives.

Power to everyone

We're focused on making an incredible platform which is highly adaptable and easy to use, to fit the needs of a wide variety of crowdfunding sites, enabling all of us to leverage the true power of crowdfunding.

Help each other

We want your ideas to become reality, and the best way we can do that is by helping your crowdfunding site succeed. Every support email is answered by a core member of CrowdfundHQ to ensure you get the answers you need.

Best regards from the CrowdfundHQ Team


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