Frequently Asked Questions


Does CrowdfundHQ offer phone support?

We only do email support, but it's staffed with engineers so it's really good. Please ask any question you may have to our support team, and we'll do our best to answer them.


Are there any additional examples other than the two on the CrowdfundHQ website?

Due to privacy reasons, the only ones we have permission to show are the two on our website. We don't use your data without asking you first.


Are there any potential legal issues or guidelines that I should be aware of?

We can't advise on rules and regulations as it depends on how you plan to set up your site and which area you are in. As far as we know, there are no rules that would stop you from setting up a general purpose crowdfunding site anywhere.


Does CrowdfundHQ support Equity Crowdfunding ?

The support for equity crowdfunding is limited. We may not have all the tools you require built in. The platform works great for any general purpose crowdfunding and can be customized, so we urge you to try making a site (14 days free), and contact us if there's anything you need.


Is it possible to hire a designer / developer from CrowdfundHQ?

Yes, we have developers / designers that we offer for a reasonable rate. Please contact us for more details.


Does CrowdfundHQ support mobile app for iOS / Android?

CrowdfundHQ is build to work perfectly on modern iOS and Android devices, so there's no need for a standalone app.


When will the site go live?

It's live immediately when you create it.


How do I create a custom layout?

You can completely customize the layout of your website. This requires knowledge of CSS, HTML and Javascript.

Please contact us if you need help to hire a designer / developer.


Which languages do you support?

We currently support these languages.

Most of the languages, except English, Russian and Norwegian has been computer translated, so you may have to update the defaults, which is easy to do with our built-in translation editor.


Can I run CrowdfundHQ's platform on my own server?

All of CrowdfundHQ's services run on our servers. The crowdfunding website you create will be stored on our servers, so you don't have to worry about updates, hardware and monitoring.


How do I set up my own domain name?

To set up your own domain name, please follow these instructions.


Where would you recommend I get a domain name for my site?

You get a free CrowdfundHQ domain name for your site, but we recommend that you set up your own domain name. You can buy that anywhere, we recommend or

There should also be plenty for your country, just search for 'register domain' in your language.

NOTE: You don't need any hosting packages. CrowdfundHQ takes care of all of that for you.


What are the transaction fees of the different payment providers?

CrowdfundHQ charges no transaction fees.

Your payment provider, which you use to collect money from the campaign contributors, will charge transaction fees. The fees depend on the provider, the account type you have with the provider, and which country you are in.


Can a campaign to collect contributions other than money, such as goods or services?

Yes, you can use commitments. A commitment is a pledge to deliver goods or services instead of contributing with money.


Which currencies does CrowdfundHQ support?

That depends on the payment processor you use. Paypal and Stripe support most currencies, but RazorPay only supports Indian Rupees, Dwolla only supports USD, and so on. Read more ...


Which payment solutions does CrowdfundHQ offer?

Here is an overview of the payment solutions we provide.


How do I deduct a percentage ( % ) of each campaign as a fee?

All the money gets deposited directly into your account, so you manually deduct however much you want before sending the money to the campaigners.

Stripe, Paypal and Wepay support adaptive payments, where the money is reserved instead of going directly into your account. Read more ...


Why do I have problems logging in on with my iPhone / iPad?

CrowdfundHQ works perfectly on iOS, but if you are blocking all cookies, there's no way for us to let you log in. On your iOS device, go to Settings > Safari > Block Cookie. and set it to From third parties and advertisers.


Is it possible to make the site responsive?

Your site is responsive by default. You can add more responsive CSS to your site if you need to customize.


What are HTTPS and SSL certificates, and do you recommend it?

SSL certificates encrypts the communication between your user and your site so no one can read it. It requires verification when you create it, so it may also build trust. We definitely recommend it, but it's optional.

Here is how to setup an SSL certificate for your site.

NOTE: Not having it should be fine most of the time, it depends on your site setup.

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