Site Modes

Manage Site > Configuration > Settings > General > Site Mode
Multi User

Multi user lets users sign up and create campaigns. This is what most crowdfunding sites use.

Single User

Only the admin and specified users can create campaigns. The site owner can define who creates campaigns from Manage Site > Users

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Manage Site > Configuration > Settings > Language

We support the following languages:

  • - English
  • - Español ( Spanish )
  • - Português ( Portuguese )
  • - Français ( French )
  • - Deutsch ( German )
  • - Italiano ( Italian )
  • - Nederlands ( Dutch )
  • - Norsk ( Norwegian )
  • - Pусский ( Russian )
  • - 日本語 ( Japanese )
  • - 简体字 ( Chinese Simpl. )
  • - 正體字 ( Chinese Trad. )

If you select multiple languages, a language selector will appear on the website.

NOTE: Campaigns and pages are restricted to one language only.
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Remove Branding

The default CrowdfundHQ site has a small link on the right side of the footer. You can easily remove that by either adding a customized footer, or go to Manage Site > Configuration > Settings > Options > Hide CrowdfundHQ link to hide it.

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Domain Name

Edit the DNS for your domain with your registrar:

  1. Change your root domain's (without the www) A record to point to this ip:
  2. Your "www" CNAME record should point to
    Replace YOURSUBDOMAIN with the subdomain your site's subdomain.

Depending on your registrar, it may end up looking something like the table below when you're done.

Record Type Value

Contact us when you've changed your DNS and we will set you up. Let us know if you require something special, we can do redirects and subdomain setups as well.

NOTE: If you want to use a subdomain, just add an A-record pointing to

Godaddy DNS Domain Setup ...

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Email setup for your domain

Go to Manage Site > Dashboard > Domains to find the email setup information for your domain. Then go to your domain name provider (e.g. or, and create two TXT entries for your domain, copy-paste the hostnames and values.

Follow the guides for your provider. Send us an email if you need help.

This is necessary for you to send emails reliably, and without limits (100 emails per day).

You can edit your site emails from Manage Site > Design > Emails

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Google Login

To set up your site to let users log in with their Google accounts, do the following:

Google API Setup
  1. Go to
  2. Select or create your project.
  3. Click APIs & auth then APIs.
  4. Enable the Contacts API and the Google+ API
  5. Click Credentials and Create new Client ID
  6. In the new form, select Web application
  7. Set Authorized JavaScript origins to be the URL of your CrowdfundHQ crowdfunding site (
  8. Set Authorized redirect URIs to be
  9. Make a note of your Client ID and your Client Secret
  10. Click Consent screen
  11. Fill in your email address and your Product Name, usually the name of your site.
CrowdfundHQ Setup
  1. Go to Manage Site > Configuration > Sharing > Login and paste your Client ID and Client Secret from Google into the Google Client ID and Google Client Secret fields.
  2. Click outside of the box to save. Your users will now be able to log in in with Google.
NOTE: Please note that it may take up to 10 minutes for Google to activate your credentials.
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Analytics & Facebook

Google Analytics
Manage Site > Configuration > Sharing > Plugins

To track your site using Google Analytics, you'll need to find your Google Analytics ID for your domain and enter it in the Google Analytics Tracking ID field. This ID starts with "UA" and is in the tracking code Google gives you.

Source: Google

Facebook App ID
Manage Site > Configuration > Sharing > Plugins

The Facebook App ID helps correctly count and track the likes of each campaign. To get a Facebook App ID, you'll need to register your personal Facebook account as a Facebook Developer.

Create a Facebook App
Log in with your Facebook account on
  1. Click My Apps > Add a New App and select Website as type.
  2. In the Quick Start for Website write your App name, i.e. your site's name, and click on Create New Facebook App ID.
  3. In the Create a New App ID dialog, select the category that fits your website, and click on Create App ID.
  4. In the Tell us about your website field, enter your site's URL, i.e. and click Next.
  5. Scroll down to the Next Steps box and click on Skip to Developer Dashboard.
  6. Take a note of your App ID and App Secret.
Setting up your new Facebook app
  1. In the menu on the left, click on Settings and fill your Contact email. Click Save Changes when you're done.
  2. Click on Advanced in the menu on top and scroll down to Client OAuth Settings.
  3. Set Web OAuth Login to Yes.
  4. Set the Valid OAuth redirect URI to be
  5. Click on Save Changes.
Make you app public
  1. Click on App Review and make the slider at the top say Yes for making the APP public.
  2. Go to log into your CrowdfundHQ account and copy-paste your Facebook App ID and App Secret into Manage Site > Configuration > Sharing > Plugins > Facebook Login.
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Contact Form

Your site comes with a built-in contact form. Go to to check it out. The contact field will automatically send an email to the site email address or the account email address. Make sure your email account can receive emails.

You can change your site email address by going to Manage Site > Configuration > Settings > General > Site Email Address.

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HTTPS SSL Certificate

In order to install SSL for your site, you need to purchase a certificate online. Make sure you use your full domain name when creating your CSR (e.g., or a wildcard certificate.

You can generate a CSR here:

Please send us the following in a zip file:

- The private key generated when creating the CSR file
- The certificate files (certificate and any intermediary certificates)

If needed, the server type is NGINX.

NOTE: We charge a one time fee of $49 for installation.

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