1. Your Site

When you log in for the first time, you arrive at your site list. Click Create Site and fill in the name of your site and the desired sub-domain.

After that, click on your site's name or image in the list, or Manage Site from the dropdown menu to go to your site's Dashboard. From there, click View Site to view your site in the browser.

Keep two browser tabs open, the Manage Site view in one tab, and your crowd funding site in the other.

NOTE: Whenever you change something in the Manage Site view, switch to the site window and reload the page.

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2. Users

To create campaigns and contribute to them, you must be a registered user.

To create a user, go to your site, click the Log in link in the upper right corner. You can log in with Facebook or Google, or create your own user by clicking Sign up here in the following login dialog box.

You can also create users from Manage Site > Users > Create User

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3. Categories

Every campaign belongs to a category.

Before you create a campaign, go to Manage Site > Configuration > Categories and click on Add Category to create one.

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4. Campaigns

Create a campaign by clicking Create Campaign in the header on your site.

To create a campaign, you must be logged in to your site. Log in with the user you created in one of the previous steps.

Once the new campaign has been saved and submitted, head back to Manage Site > Campaigns to approve it.

You can also create campaigns from Manage Site > Campaigns > Create Campaign

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5. Headlines

You can set the page headline, tagline and how the site appears in search engine results.
Go to Manage Site > Configuration > Settings > Visibility, then insert values in the following fields:

  1. - Site title.
  2. - Tagline title.
  3. - Tagline subtitle.
  4. - Meta description (this is the text shown below the page title in search ending results).

Reload your site whenever you make a change to see how it looks.

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6. Configuration

There are many configuration options to change how your site looks, works and feel.

Settings & Preferences

Go to Manage Site > Configuration > Settings / Preferences to see all of our one-click options for changing the settings of your site.


Go to Manage Site > Configuration > Appearance to choose between themes, badge styles, category layout and tab position.


You can completely change the layout of your website. This requires some knowledge of HTML, CSS and scripting. If you are familiar with this, go ahead, it's all under Manage Site > Design.

Your can share your site with developers and other admins by going to Manage Site > Dashboard > Permissions and add their emails.

Please contact us if you need someone to help you with your design, or have a look at our additional services.

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