CrowdfundHQ Features

Manage site

Powerful built-in features make managing your site so easy.

  • Create ready-to-use crowdfunding sites, instantly running in the cloud
  • Email support, server monitoring and updates included
  • Manage users, campaigns, contributions, rewards and groups
  • Custom domain names, SSL support, unlimited emails and free subdomain included
  • Export your site data in multiple formats, your data is backed up securely daily
  • Message inbox for secure communication between your users
  • Approve and confirm users, decide who can create campaigns and contributions

Layout Engine

Format and display your content smoothly with CrowdfundHQ!

  • Create custom HTML pages, Javascript and CSS
  • Online full screen Codemirror editor for custom code is included
  • Layout is fully customizable with your styles and scripts
  • Built in translation editor for site texts
  • Select content editor, default is the Froala commercial wysiwyg text editor
  • All pages are completely responsive and work on any mobile device
  • Amazing themes, layout options and badge styles to choose from

Integrated Blog

Blogging is a very powerful tool for getting organic high quality visitors to your site!

  • Blogging engine built in, no coding required, just start writing articles
  • Multiple author support, decide who can create and post blogs
  • Edit content directly from your website with wysiwyg editors or markdown
  • Blog article comments for your users encourage more sign-ups and discussions
  • Preview and publish - Save your blog as Draft, Finished, and Published
  • Social media sharing integrated, SEO-friendly article URLs

File Manager

Add and organize your files and images.

  • Uploads with CDN storage and automatic image resizing and thumbnails
  • Images use browser cache automatically for max speed
  • Drag and Drop - Add and organize your images or documents
  • Control your website's favicon and default user profile images

Site Control

Control your site's look and feel in every detail!

  • Lock your entire website with a password while you are under construction
  • 12 supported languages, fully editable from site management
  • Facebook and Google sign up and log in
  • Clone site to copy the configuration and pages into a new site
  • Fast search on both your website and within your site's dashboard
  • Site configuration - Tons of one-click options for everything on your site

Manage campaigns and contributions

Campaigns are the backbone of your CrowdfundHQ site and can be set up in a variety of ways.

  • Multiple campaign strategies including Keep it all or All or nothing, time limited or never ending
  • Add category for each campaign, browse by category
  • Choose video or image for your campaign to tell your story
  • Set your own campaign duration and fundraising goal
  • Allow users to select the location of their campaign
  • Rewards - Give users a reward to promote contributions
  • Commitments - Let people contribute their time, things or skills instead of money
  • Votes - Integrated voting system for campaigns
  • Campaign updates - A great way to announce highlights and campaign progress

Payment tools

Decide how you want to distribute the money, choose the option that suits you the best!

  • Multiple payment methods supported including Stripe, Wepay Paypal and Bitcoin
  • Set platform fee and extra fees for contributions
  • Add additional cost - Perfect for shipping options or administrative fees
  • Test and Live payment modes - Try contributions before going live
  • Choose default currency and how you display it. International support
  • Direct, adaptive pre-approved, manual or subscription payments

Powerful Marketing tools

Get the word out! Increase traffic and expose your Crowdfunding site, must-have marketing tools included.

  • Social media sharing - Share your campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • Plug in your Google Analytics account for deeper insights into your business
  • Include ads on your site for promotions and ad space
  • Search engine optimization - Submit your website to the major search engines to increase visibility
  • Your site is 100% valid HTML5 and CSS3 and compatible with all major web and mobile browsers
  • Search engine appearance - Set your site title, tagline and meta tags
  • Sitemap and RSS feed updates automatically for search engines and subscriptions

Developer friendly

Develop directly from CrowdfundHQ, all changes are instant.

  • Don't worry about the hardware or server setup, we got you covered
  • Add custom Javascript, navigation, layout, CSS, HTML pages and footer
  • Full screen editing and file search for keyboard navigation
  • Custom code is saved, cached and run on our distributed network, no uploads required
  • All of the assets, including images, CSS and Javascript can be found on Github
  • Share site access with other developers and collaborators

And much more ...

There are many more features, sign up and create a site to get the full experience.

  • Customize all emails sent from your site
  • Custom form fields - Collect extra information from your users
  • Easily embed badges or get the campaign data as JSON instead of HTML
  • Read and write data from your site with HTML and data APIs
  • Bring your vision to life! All the tools you need to run a professional web site

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