Campaigns Overview

Campaigns are the backbone of your CrowdfundHQ site. You can edit, approve, delete, view contributions, refund payments, and more all from your CrowdfundHQ account.

You can create a campaign by clicking the Create button on your site or from Manage Site > Campaigns > Create Campaign.

Campaign Title

The title of the campaign appears on the campaign badge and the tagline section beneath the white (on the default theme's) section at the top of the page.

Campaign Categories
Manage Site > Configuration > Categories

Each campaign belongs to a category, and they are linked on your site in the sidebar for use on the discover page. Click the Add Category button to add categories.

Video or Image
Manage Site > Configuration > Preferences > Campaigns > Campaign Video Type

We support Vimeo, Youtube, or an image for the main campaign video/image.

Fundraising Goal

The amount of money a campaign hopes to get.

Campaign Duration

How long the campaign will be live for. You can set this as Limited, Never ending, or Campaign Creator Decides on the configuration section of your account.

Badge Summary

This summary is used on the campaign search badges to give a short description of the campaign. Maximum of 140 characters.

Manage Site > Configuration > Preferences > Campaigns > Campaign location

Allow users to enter the location of their campaign.

About the campaign

This is where campaign creators tell the world about their campaign.

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Increase the number of contributions. Give the contributor a reward when they contribute. When logged in as a campaigner, the rewards can be managed from the Rewards tab on the campaign page. After a reward has been claimed by a user, it cannot be edited or removed.

The rewards can be configured by going to Manage Site > Configuration > Preferences > Rewards

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Non-Monetary Commitments

Let people contribute their time, things or skills instead of money with commitments.

Default is max 20 rewards or commitments per campaign. Update them often to keep the campaign alive. The act of committing is called a pledge.

When logged in as a campaigner, the commitments can be managed from the Commitments tab on the campaign page. After a commitment has been pledged to by a user, it cannot be edited or removed.

The commitments can be configured by going to Manage Site > Configuration > Preferences > Commitments

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Campaign Strategies

Manage Site > Configuration > Preferences > Campaigns > Campaign Strategy

Choose between 3 campaign strategies:

  1. All or nothing – Refund all contributions unless the goal is reached.
  2. Keep it all – The campaign keeps any money raised. No refunds.
  3. Voting – The campaign receives votes instead of monetary contributions.

You can stick with the same strategy for all campaigns, or let the campaigner choose.

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Campaign Duration

Manage Site > Configuration > Preferences > Campaigns > Campaign Duration

The default max campaign duration is 60 days because most of the payment providers only allow free refunds for up to 60 days. If you want to change the max campaign duration to less or more, just enter the number you want here.

Be aware that some payment providers may charge you a fee for refunds if you exceed their allowed free refund timeframe.

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Managing Campaigns

Manage Site > Campaigns
Each campaign in the campaigns list have different states. These are buttons that you can click. Green means enabled, white means disabled.
  • Draft – The campaign is new, before it has been submitted.
  • Submitted – The campaign is valid and submitted for approval
  • Approved – The campaign is valid and approved
  • Visible – The campaign is publicly visible on the site
  • Active – The campaign is active and can receive contributions
  • Featured – The campaign is added to the list of featured campaigns
  • Archived – The campaign is archived and doesn't show up on search
Campaign Badges

Go to Manage Site > Configuration > Badges to manage how the campaign badges are displayed one the home page.

Archiving Campaigns

Archiving a campaign removes it from the default Campaign list on the Campaigns tab.

Editing Campaigns

Click your campaign to enter the Campaign details view. To edit a campaign, click the Edit Campaign button, make your changes and save.

Click the Delete Campaign link to delete a campaign.

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Export Data

Manage Site > Dashboard > Export

You can export site, campaign, contribution and user data in many formats.

In addition to exporting from the Dashboard, you can also do a search for campaigns and users, and export them. The link is found below the search button in Manage Site > Campaigns or Manage Site > Users

To use the data, select your format (JSON, newline, CSV, XML), and import it into a script or an application.

Importing emails into Mailchimp

Mailchimp can be used to mass send emails to your users for marketing and information purposes.

From Manage Site > Dashboard > Export select the Mailchimp format. Campaign and Contribution emails will have an extra column and sorted by campaign link.

Campaign Report

You will also find an HTML report in Manage Site > Campaigns > Campaign Details > Report which displays contribution data for that campaign.

This report is also available for your users on your site from Campaign > Stats > View Report and can be downloaded in multiple formats including PDF.

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Campaign Images

These are examples of how to customize the behavior of the images on the campaign page.

The campaign images on the campaign page are optimized for Youtube or Vimeo videos, but it's also possible to upload an image instead of using a video. To set that up, go to Manage Site > Configuration > Preferences > Campaigns > Campaign Video Type and select Image

The images have a width of 610px and a height of 344px, but this can be changed with CSS in case your images are too big or small.

/* Set image to automatically adjust */
#campaign_video {width: auto; height: auto}

/* Set image to other values */
#campaign_video {width: 590px; height: 350px}

Copy or modify any of these modes and paste it into Manage Site > Design > Styles

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Campaign Messages

Each campaigner can be messaged using the Inbox page accessed from the drop-down menu for your user when logged into your site. Using the messages instead of just email protects the privacy of the users.

To send a message to a campaigner, click the Send Message link in the user bio box on the campaign page.

You can disable the feature if you go to Manage Site > Configuration > Settings > Options > Disable user messages.

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Manage Site > Groups

All campaigns by the users in a group are displayed together.

When you create a group, you can add:

  • Group bio – say something about the group
  • Group image – the logo of the group
  • Group users – must have signed up on your site
  • Group website – the home page for this group.

After creating a group, your site will automatically have a Groups link added to your site's campaign navigation.

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