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5 Minute Quailty Control for Your Website

Posted by Per Kristian Haakonsen on August 14, 2014

Would you use or buy anything from a website you don't trust? Neither will the visitors to your website. Use 5 minutes to evaluate your website against these 10 criteria, and increase both traffic and sales.

If you're running a crowdfunding website, you should take a look at CrowdfundHQ's quality control guide for crowdfunding websites.

  1. The most important criterion is not found in the website itself. It's found in you. Be honest with yourself as you judge your own work. Don't let your pride or emotions come in the way of improving your website. Listen - and act upon - the feedback of people around you.
  2. Your logo is part of the first impression your users get when they arrive at your site. Does your logo look appealing and professional? If you are not sure, ask a friend or a colleague for their opinion.
  3. The overall design of you site builds trust. It reflects your brand and your mission, and is maybe the most important thing in leaving a solid first impression. Does your design look professional? Ask a friend or a colleague for their opinion.
  4. Having contact information helps building trust in your website. A contact form alone does not build trust.
  5. Have an About Us page. Telling your visitors about yourself and your mission helps building trust in your website.
  6. What your write, and how your write it, is of great importance to how visitors perceive your website. Spelling mistakes are embarrassing, especially in the headline of articles on quality control. Follow these guidelines.
  7. Having a page with terms and conditions helps building trust in your website.
  8. How does your website's appearance in search engines? You will get more clicks if your website seems attractive. Do a search for your website online. Is it presented in an attractive way in the list of search results?
  9. Submit your website to the major search engines.
  10. Monitoring traffic to your website gives you great insights into your visitors' habits.