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5 reasons your crowdfunding site should have a blog

Posted by Vidar Eldoy on February 4, 2020

Even if you’ve just set up your crowdfunding site or are looking to find a way to increase traffic, a blog can be a good way to take your online presence one step further. By posting interesting content on your blog, you can reach a bigger audience, have an arena to share your expertise, facilitate productive communication with customers, and add value to your business. Read on to find out why you should have a blog on your crowdfunding site and how you can use Crowdfund HQ’s built-in blog engine to start blogging in a few easy steps.

Crowdfunding blog

1. Stand out from your competition and increase traffic

Nowadays it's nearly impossible to google any term without getting dozens of blogs amongst the search results. In fact, some of the most popular blogs are now providing us with breaking news and controversial content, reaching the same level of respect and authority as traditional news channels. Having a blog added to your crowdfunding page should be included in your marketing strategy. If you have a blog that is frequently updated with interesting, useful content, it’s much more likely that you’ll be found in the jungle of competitors. When you use our crowdfunding platform, you can start blogging right away included in your monthly subscription.

2. Build a trustworthy relationship with your users

You might think that the traditional social media is the only channel of communication you need, but a blog can also be a great addition to that equation, and a start of a trustworthy relationship. Communicating with people who might have landed on one of your blog posts after a Google search, and left a comment or a question in the comment section of the blog, can be the very start of a long-lasting relationship. Blogging can also be a great way to answer frequently asked questions (FAQs), so that you only have to answer the same questions once. Of course, you can also use customer input for inspiration, if you’re wondering what content to include in your blog articles.

3. Adding value to your brand

Not only is a blog great for reaching more people and building relationships, it’s also a perfect occasion to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. Showing the world what makes you stand out from the competition can be conveyed through your blogging. Creating valuable texts with useful information can build your image and give you authority over the subjects you are an expert on. Existing users might use your blog articles as a reference point if they need inspiration and guidance on their own campaigns and projects.

4. Building expertise and knowledge

Writing a blog is an efficient way to keep yourself updated on new developments in your field. It gives you a chance to further expand on your expertise by doing research and building knowledge, that you might not have had the time or opportunity to do before. Take some time to learn about SEO to increase traffic, or learn how to become a better copywriter. You can thereby provide your users with more knowledge and guidance, creating an authority on a variety of topics instead of sticking to only what you already know. Making sure you’re always updated on new and current trends is key to building your brand.

5. Sharing content and making money on your blog

Making money on a blog should not be the key motivation behind starting a blog. However, if your content is interesting enough for others to want to share it with their readers or followers, the snowball will start rolling. Adding links to other relevant blog articles you have published, can keep readers on your page longer. If your users spend more time on your crowdfunding website it’s more likely that they’ll choose your site for their campaign, and that visitors will be inspired to donate money to the campaigns.


It does take some time and effort to make a blog an important part of your site, but keep in mind that it’s not only for organic traffic that you have a blog. It’s also to offer your users interesting information. If you don’t like writing yourself or you’re still not sure if writing a blog is worth it, you could also outsource the blog to a freelance writer, or encourage your crowdfunding community to write blog articles. After you’ve created your crowdfunding site with us, you can start a blog with our blog-engine straight away. You will then have the possibility to make your users contributors of the blog, and give your site a more including and personal touch. With us you get all the necessary tools to start a blog for your crowdfunding site in just a few clicks.