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Top 5 reasons to white label your site

Posted by Susana Pham on July 26, 2016

Most companies, especially startups and organizations, need to offer a service that requires investment in technology. By choosing a white label service, the company can increase sales by using a ready made service without having to put resources into developing it.

White-labeling can be a win-win for all parties. Not every white label product is built to the same standards. However, many white label solutions do represent similar or higher quality than branded products, so you need to do your own research before you decide what you want to do.

There are many white label companies out there, but it is very important that you find a partner which can provide professional, high quality services, and also will match your requirements.

Here are five reasons you should consider white labeling your business:


Rather than going through the hard way of launching your own product, you can use an already made product with your name attached. You get the full package which includes customizable layout of your website, a powerful back-end administration system, payment handling, marketing tools, and lots more.

CrowdfundHQ gives you a point-and-click service, which gives you the freedom to customize the look and feel of your site. The platform is made to make it easy for developers to work on too. You don't have to worry about servers, API's and databases, it's already set up and working.

The time from idea to market is literally just a few minutes. That's priceless.


Creating your own product from scratch might sound like a great idea, but unless you've done it before, you probably aren't aware of all the energy and resources that go into creating an original product. Why waste time trying to develop existing product or system when you can white label?

The company purchasing the white-labeled product doesn't have to spend the time and money figuring out the best way to create the product, it avoids all the troubleshooting, working outside of the knowledge base, wasting money in finding the most cost-efficient ways to produce the product, and can instead focus more on the bigger picture. Less money spent on development is more available for marketing and execution.


If something goes wrong with a product or a client complains, if there is a problem with the platform, your white label provider will take responsibility and fix it for you. It's like having a team of engineers on standby for you.

We have everything you need to get started right away. CrowdfundHQ has a great white label support team to help you learn about the platform, and we provide resources including a blogging engine, emails, marketing tools, and more.

We will do the optimizations on the back-end – you just need to handle your business, and sell it!


When you are using a white-labeled service, you will also be able to put your own brand name on it, and market it how you want.

White labeled services also offer expertise in specific areas of marketing, such as digital branding, social marketing, SEO (search engine marketing), website development, link building, mobile design and so on.

Recruiting experts to do the job requires time, money and effort, and it's not always easy to find someone who will do the job right. Using a white label service frees up time so you can concentrate on what's important.


Some white label platforms take a cut of the contributions. We don't. When you white label your platform with CrowdfundHQ, there are no transaction fees. You set your own fees, there are no limits. We support 12 payment solutions.

The profits are yours, and you get the recurring profits from customers who use the platform. Since you are in charge of supporting end-customers, you can make your own terms and charge as much as you want for support.

You can offer more to your customers than your competitors, quicker.


White labeling allows you to get to market fast. Set up a working web site in less than 2 minutes, or polish it for a while to stand out, either way, you'll save lots of time. Spend money on business aspects and marketing instead of re-inventing the wheel by creating your own site from scratch.

You get to work with talented experts and engineers that work for you to provide the best possible service, and help your site succeed. Easily provide your clients with excellent products, and maintain a high standards of quality, all under the name of your own brand.

The best thing about a white-labeling service is that there is no long-term commitment. You can even try it for free! Send us an email if you have questions, we're here to help.

There are many good reasons why white labeling is the best solution, especially for startups and organizations. Why not just give it a try?