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Amazing editor, new uploads, sharing, groups and more

Posted by Vidar Eldoy on January 5, 2016

We've been working non-stop to deliver these new features, and we're super-excited about this release. So what's new?

Advanced editor for the back-end

We've updated our editor with a much more advanced code editor. It's based on CodeMirror, and it's really beautiful.

Here are some of the main features:

  • Syntax highlighting for CSS, HTML, Markdown and Javascript.
  • Auto-expanding editor field.
  • "Safe" editing trying to prevent you from leaving the page if you have unsaved changes.
  • Save the document with the CMD + S or CTRL + S keyboard short cuts.

Developing on CrowdfundHQ just became amazingly enjoyable. Go to Manage Site > Design to try it out.

Account sharing

Now you no longer have to share passwords for your CrowdfundHQ account.

Go to your site dashboard and click the Permissions link to share your sites with friends, co-workers or developers.

Add CrowdfundHQ account emails into the permission boxes. Using CrowdfundHQ in this way protects your account settings, and prevents developers from deleting your account or site while working on it.

Development servers

We've changed how we view paid subscriptions, and we're happy to announce that from now on, you can create as many sites as you want as long as you have a paid subscription. All sites created are fully featured and meant to be used for testing and development of existing and new sites.

You will not be able to accept live payments unless you upgrade first, but everything else is working. We hope that makes it easier to develop on the platform! Developers without paid accounts will be able to work on your site without paying. Just share the site from the Permissions as explained above.

New uploaders for your site

The old uploader was a little outdated, so we updated all uploads on your site with a simpler and more modern approach. It's more out of the way, but is now easier to use. It even has a progress counter, support for multiple files and drag'n drop. Go upload something. It's fun!

All-new groups

The groups now sport these features:

  • They are joinable, so the users can join and leave groups on their own.
  • They are editable, so the users can add, edit and delete groups.
  • Users can now invite people to their group from the group page. 10 users at a time is max. Doesn't have to be registered users, so this is a great way for your users to get their friends to join. There is a customizable Group Invite email as well.
  • The total amount contributed for all campaigns is displayed on the group page.
  • Each campaign can now optionally belong to a group, and is selected from the create campaign form.
  • Groups are now created on behalf of users from Manage Site.

Go to Manage Site > Configuration > Options > Group Options to set up your site if you want to try it out.

Email layout, yeah!

You can now create your own HTML layout for your emails. This means it's super-easy to add your colors and branding to all of your emails. Combine that with a great signature to make maximum impact.

New HTML parser!

The new HTML parser makes sure your code always converts into valid HTML. The embedder options have been updated as well and now support converting links from dailymotion, flickr, github gist, google maps, instagram, liveleak, metacafe, soundcloud, ted, twitter, vimeo, worldstar, and youtube in your Markdown and HTML.

Other links are auto-linked, and links inside HTML tags are skipped.

And that's not all
  • Categories are now all sortable. This means you can decide the exact order of your site discover links.
  • New emails for manual contribution and contribution refund. Please go to Manage Site > Design > Emails to check that they are a go.
  • Nicer pagination for users, campaigns and group, now also displaying on top of search results for easier navigation.
  • Percentage for Additional Costs now possible.
  • New documentation for Facebook login. We've moved some features around, Content is now in Manage Site > Configuration > Language > Edit Translations and Ads are in Manage Site > Configuration > Sharing.
  • Added compressor for image uploads so you don't have to worry if the images are too big. Max resolution is 3200 pixels and 20 MB files.
  • Use any email address for receiving test emails.
  • Options for how many commitments and rewards you want your users to have.
  • Refactored emails, uploads, link generation and exports.
  • Fixed image stretching issues. This can be customized with CSS to you liking.
  • Fixed login issue for iOS devices using Private Browsing.
  • Fixed a few issues with https social sharing buttons.
  • Lots of bug fixes thanks to you guys! Thanks for all the feedback, keep it up please!