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Better Reporting, New Email, Comment After Contribution and More

Posted by Per Kristian Haakonsen on September 5, 2014

Improved Reporting
Website admins now have additional reporting tools under each campaign.

To see the report, in the admin panel: Campaigns > Choose a campaign > button Report.

E-mail To Campaigner On Contribution
Campaigner now receives an e-mail on each contribution.

To edit e-mail contents, open the admin panel: Design > Emails > Contribution Successful.

Submit Comment After Contribution
Contributors can now submit a comment after a contribution is complete. A feedback form is now displayed on the page confirming the contribution.

Disable/Enable User Messages
You can now enable/disable if your users can send each other messages.

To modify, open the admin panel: Configuration > General > Disable user messages.

Disable/Enable Rewards
You can now enable/disable whether rewards are available on your website or not.

To modify, open the admin panel: Configuration > General > Campaign Rewards.

Improve Your Client's Campaigns
We have published an article in our blog on how you can improve your client's campaigns. CrowdfundHQ customers have permission to re-publish this article - for free - to help their clients improve their campaigns. https://crowdfundhq.com/how-you-succeed-with-crowdfunding.html