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Contribute without login and a few new options

Posted by Vidar Eldoy on February 16, 2015

Contribute without logging in
This is the new default for contributions. Users just enter their email address on the contribution page instead.

To enable / disable it, go to Manage Site > Configuration > General > View Options > check / uncheck "Log in to contribute". Users will still be registered even if they are not logged in, and you can find them in your Users list, with the name Anonymous. When they sign up later, the name and password will be updated, and the contributions will be preserved.

Display contribution currency
Contributions are now showing amounts as in the Display currency as setting. Go to Manage Site > Configuration > Payments > check "Display actual currency in contribution list" to display the contribution amount with the actual currency contributed. This setting only applies to multi-currency sites.

All category
We've added an All category, disabled by default. Sometimes it takes a while to get those campaigns going, so we've added an optional category called All, which will display a tab on your site across all of the categories on your site. Go to Manage Site > Categories > uncheck hidden for All to start using it.

Capture All button
A Capture All button is now available. For those of you that use Pre-approved payments, a Capture all button will appear once you've received some contributions, right next to the Refund all button. Go to Manage Site > Campaigns > select your campaign > click "Capture All" to try capturing all of your pre-approved contributions.

The near future
We are working hard to release our API, which will be ready soon. Our payment systems are receiving some love and we plan on releasing Dwolla and Stripe pre-approved payments, as well as full support for Mangopay. More on this later.