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Contribution confirmation, checklist and new contribution options

Posted by Vidar Eldoy on December 29, 2014

Contribution Confirmation
You can now let your contributors see a confirmation screen before going to payments. It is now also possible to add the platform and payment fees to the contribution, which makes sure the campaigns receives all of the money instead of having the fees deducted as is the default.

Go to Manage Site > Configuration General > Contribution Confirmation to set it up. Click "Edit fees..." to edit the fees (default fees are included). You can edit the platform fee from Manage Site > Configuration > Payments as always.

All of the text for the confirmation screen can be changed by going to Manage Site > Design > Content, and can be hidden using CSS.

We've added a new checklist for people getting started so they can get an overview of the most important settings and what needs to be done. This first version focuses on the fields most important for search engines. Go to Manage Site > Dashboard > Checklist to see if your site is missing anything.

Campaign contribution amount and hiding
There is now a new setting for making the contribution amount public. Go to Manage Site > Configuration > General > Contribution Amount to enable it. You can let the campaigner choose this themselves by selecting Campaign Creators Decide.

You can hide the contribution list completely by choosing Hide campaign contributions from Manage Site > Configuration > General > View Options. The contributions will also be hidden from the user profile if you select this.

CSS files reference list
We've added the list of all the CSS files we use to the docs. Hopefully the files will make it easier to do custom development. More improvements on this soon.

Search Engine Optimization from our blog
Check out our new article on search engine optimization, it contains lots of important tricks on how to make sure your site receives the amount of users it deserves.

The CrowdfundHQ Team wishes you all happy holidays and a great new year!