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Dynamic Rewards and more!

Posted by Vidar Eldoy on July 26, 2013

We've just deployed new dynamic rewards and commitments! This allows campaigns to be edited after submission to make them more interesting.

» Rewards and commitments can be modified after campaign submission

» Campaigns can have up to 20 rewards and commitments

» They are non-editable after they've been claimed.

» They can be hidden or set visible at any time.

The links are found above the campaign on the campaign main page. We've also added an option, Campaign Tabs Position under the Design tab which allows your campaign tabs to be above the campaign video/image. If you select the "Above image/video" option, the video/image will be inside of the "About" tab.

Users using IE8 will now get a message urging them to upgrade their browser as we are planning new features that requires new technology.