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Embedded campaign badges

Posted by Vidar Eldoy on January 24, 2014

This update is a minor update but brings a few important changes with it.

The campaign badges can now be embedded through the Embed dialog on the campaign page. Just click on the Embed button and paste the code in the Campaign Badge Embed Code field to embed your badge on any other web site. Here's how it looks:

Guatemala Wethetrees embedded badge

Embedding the campaign badge on other web sites can really boost traffic and is a simple and effective marketing tool for all campaigns.

Other updates include:

  • You can now change the default profile picture to one of our presets to avoid the gravatar.com one. Go to Design -> Default User Image to check it out.
  • The New Message email now displays a link to the web site instead of showing the message. Users should reply to messages via their Inbox in order to protect the email address of users. This will also help draw more people to the site.
  • Better error handling and a new monitoring system to help us maintain the platform more effectively.