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Location, badges and more!

Posted by Vidar Eldoy on August 12, 2013

This update contains several new features and upgrades:

» Location! Enable by going to Configuration -> Location Enabled. If enabled, location is required for all campaigns.

» New badges! We've tried to make the badges focus more on success and less on failure, and we've removed the diagonal banners. Campaigns that are not successful will still say "Funded" if they are keep-it-alls, and will just say "Finished" without a banner if they're not successful.

» Export now lets you choose between Campaigners and Contributors for email list download.

» The badges and campaigns now support the JSON format. /discover/category-link.json will return JSON data for all the badges in that category. Likewise, /campaign/campaign-link.json will return JSON for that campaign. This is useful if you want to create a feed or display your campaigns on another site.

» We've added the fields tagline title and tagline subtitle to Site Settings. The fields are the default values for the tagline on your home page. Set them to blank to not display anything on the site tagline.

» The Paypal landing page now translates into your site or user language.

We're working on a bunch of new additions like social media options, a new theme and campaign statistics, so watch out for that. As always, please let us know if there's anything you're wondering about!