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Maintenance Release and Roadmap

Posted by Vidar Eldoy on April 15, 2014

CrowdfundHQ has taken the last month to plan the road ahead, and we've already started implementing what will be a major upgrade to the whole platform:

  • The internals will be rewritten to create a complete API to our platform. This will allow people to create their own front-ends, or use CrowdfundHQ as a remote service, as well as having complete control over the database.
  • The application will be split up into several separate services based on the API. This is to make the platform more robust and easier to maintain.
  • We will be adding a bunch of new payment gateways.
  • The default front-end for sites will be upgraded with a reponsive design and new paradigms.
  • The blog and support forum will be upgraded and made available for all accounts for use with their sites.
  • Finally, the servers will be upgraded for more speed, storage and possibilities.

Expect a few months for this whole transition to be complete.

Today's release is a maintenance release, which includes the following:

  • Added a new default category, "Closed", for limited keep it all campaigns that didn't reach their goal but had contributions. It is hidden by default.
  • The minimum amount contributed now supports decimals and can be less than 1
  • Updated documentation on payments
  • Updated documentation on domain setup
  • Moved the Ads tab to be under the Design tab
  • Fixed an issue with embedding videos while commenting on site
  • Fixed an issue with sitemap generation
  • Removed support for 8 little used languages (da sv iw ur ar th bg nl). This is so we can provide a higher quality on the other languages we support, and to make them easier to maintain.