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Mobile responsive and API beta released

Posted by Vidar Eldoy on July 12, 2015

Mobile responsive stylesheet

As some of you may have noticed, we've added an option for making your site mobile responsive. It's not enabled by default since it might not work well for those with huge customizations.

Go to Manage Site > Configuration > General > View Options > uncheck Disable mobile responsive to enable it, then view your site on a smart phone or by shrinking your browser window.

You can change the mobile header by going to Manage Site > Design > Header > Mobile Header.

API beta released

The API gives you access to the database via HTTPS. You can create, update, fetch and delete campaigns, contributions, users and the rest. We are still going to add more resources to make it complete. Send us an email if you want to try it out, and we'll send you an API key.

It's also missing authentication needed for client side libraries, but the goal is to let people create their own sites entirely from scratch using the API.

Here's the API documentation.

Other updates

  • Added support for the Dutch language.
  • Campaign Update email now also being sent to commitment contributors.
  • New Commitment Successful email sent when contributors make a commitment.