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New features spam edition

Posted by Vidar Eldoy on September 28, 2017

We've released lots of features and fixes the last months, and here's an update.

Spam protection everywhere

After having problems with spammers attacking one of our user's site, we've now implemented a comprehensive spam protection system. Our load balancers now has thousands of blocks for addresses, words and bots.

In addition to that, every form on your site now has both cross site request forgery tokens and an invisible honeypot captcha. This will block anyone that isn't using the browser directly, and will hopefully eliminate spam completely as well as providing extra layers of security.

Run campaigns without setting a goal

We've added support for running campaigns without a goal. This new mode is perfect for when you want a campaign that just receives contributions and never has to finish. In this mode the campaigns have neither progress bars nor percentages. Set the campaign minimum goal to 0 (zero) to start using it. This mode can only be used with keep it all and voting campaigns, not with all or nothing.

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Check out our new blog post about why you should choose CrowdfundHQ. There are a lot of things that you never have to worry about as a site owner with us.

Why you should use CrowdfundHQ to build your crowdfunding website

New features and important fixes

This release has many new features and fixes, here's the rundown:

  • Support for Facebook videos for your campaigns
  • Added Facebook App ID to layout meta tags for better compatibility
  • Updated Facebook API version to 2.8
  • New Facebook scrape button for updating campaign shares in campaign details
  • Added additional fields for voting campaigns
  • All language translations have been updated professionally
  • New tutorial on adding an image slider, see our docs page
  • Updated tutorial on embedding badges and category
  • All URLs now support trailing slashes
  • The private URL is no longer visible unless the campaign has been approved
  • Added Mailchimp format for email exports
  • Added votes to export
  • Site mode option has been moved to users and is now called campaigner mode
  • New autovisible option for campaigns when campaigner mode is "select"
  • Added load more and pagination everywhere on the site to support huge campaigns
  • Design editor updated with new version of Codemirror and improved layout
  • Etag browser caching for most used templates to speed up page load times
  • Redirecting to the previous page instead of the home page when logging out
  • Doubled storage for the Personal and Professional tiers
  • Updated campaign badge javascript version to be identical to the HTML version
  • New feature to set default rewards and commitments for all new campaigns

Just send us an email and ask if there's anything you're wondering about in regards to the new features. Lastly, a lot of work has gone into renaming database fields, adding limits, caching and server upgrades to prepare for some huge updates coming soon. Watch out for that. Enjoy!