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New Payment Method, Custom Form Fields and More Login Options

Posted by Vidar Eldoy on July 29, 2014

Today a new set of features are available for you on CrowdfundHQ. We hope you will make the most of them.

The focus of this update has been improved support for equity crowdfunding. However, these new features will be very useful across a wide range of different crowdfunding websites.

New Payment Method: Manual
With this new payment method, you can process the transaction outside of CrowdfundHQ's system. This enables you to use any payment method you want, such as bank transfer, cheque, cash or whatever else.

You can enable manual payment under the Configuration > Payments.

It works like this:

  1. A contributor chooses the payment option "Manual". The campaign is updated with the contribution.

  2. An e-mail with payment instructions is sent to the contributor (you can edit the contents of this e-mail in the admin panel).

  3. The transaction is handled manually outside of CrowdfundHQ's system.

  4. In case of failed payment, you can remove the payment in the admin panel.

Custom Form Fields in Sign-Up/Campaign Forms
You can now add custom form fields when a user signs up and when a user creates a new campaign. This enables you to collect more information about users.

You can configure custom form fields under Configuration > Forms.

Disable Facebook and Google Login
We have added the option of disabling logging in through Facebook and Google.

You can configure this under Configuration > Sharing.

Require Login to View Campaigns
You can now require a visitor to be logged in before they can see the campaigns. They will see the campaign badge, but will not see the rest of the campaign unless they log in.

You can configure this under Configuration > General.