What's new Release Details

New servers and full HTTPS support

Posted by Vidar Eldoy on April 11, 2015

New servers and IP address
We've installed new cloud servers and databases, running on the latest software with fast SSD hard drives and much more band-width. That means your sites will be loading a lot faster.

The new IP address for domains is, we recommend that people with own domain names switch over for that extra speed.

HTTPS everywhere
All assets and third party communication are now HTTPS. Uploads are now on Amazon S3 SSL.

Confirm email on signup
The user has to click a confirmation link to log in. Go to Manage Site > Configuration > "Confirm email on signup" to enable it. There is a separate email for that option found by going to Manage Site > Design > Emails > User Signup Confirmation.

Password updates

  • The passwords are now 6 characters minimum.
  • Added current password check to change the user password.
  • Reset password takes you to a change password popup, and won't log you in unless you change the password.

Email DNS setup
All sites with custom domain names should add email entries to their domain name setup to send emails reliably and without limits. Go to Manage Site > Domains to find your email DNS setup information.

Other changes:

  • Go to Manage Site > Configuration > Payments > Max to set the max contribution amount for campaigns.
  • Go to Manage Site > Configuration > Settings > Page Separator to choose the separator in your title. The options are pipe ( | ) and dash ( — ).
  • Contribute without login now requires name as well as email.