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New upload limits, cloning and automatic video embeds

Posted by Vidar Eldoy on March 3, 2014

Today we've updated CrowdfundHQ with the following:

  • We've increased the upload limit of files from 300 KB to 10 MB across all accounts! That means you now get 1000 MB (1GB) storage maximum per site and 200 MB storage per campaign, more than 30 times as much as it was before. This would even allow you to uploads short videos for use on your site. Check out the tiers.
  • All uploads of images are now automatically resized on the server if your image is larger than it needs to be. This is to make sure your page loads fast and that your storage quota usage remains minimal.
  • It is now possible to clone your site. From your account dashboard, clicking the Clone-button enables you to copy settings, configuration, pages and ads to a new site without having to do this manually.
  • We've made it a lot easier to embed video and content to your site. In any text field that supports HTML, you can now just include the link (URL) to the video or content you want to embed and the embed code is automatically generated for you on the server. We currently support youtube, vimeo, ted, soundcloud and google maps. Documentation for this is in the works.
  • All our HTML and CSS now validates as HTML5 and CSS3 against the w3 conformance checker.
  • All campaigns are now scraped by Facebook on approval to make sure the campaign image for Facebook shares is correct and that it shows up as fast as possible.
  • Several issues regarding caching and redirects have been taken care of, and the experience of using your site should now be more solid than ever.