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Recurring Payments, building for scale, lots of fixes

Posted by Vidar Eldoy on May 9, 2016

We've worked hard on the internals the last months, but also squeezed in a few new features, making this the most solid release ever.

Committals are now called "Pledges"

We had to separate contributions and commitments, so now "committals", making commitments, are called Pledges. We've updated some of the translations. If you need to edit the translations, go to Manage Site > Configuration > Settings > Language > Edit Translations and search for "pledge" to find the new translations.

There is a new tab for pledges on your campaign and as well as a new section on the user profile. Users can now write comments when they make a pledge.

Building your site for scale

We've added "pagination" and "Load More" buttons everywhere in your crowdfunding site so it still looks good when you have a lot of data on your site. The campaigns, contributions and pledges on the user profile now has "Show all" buttons with list dialogs.

Stripe recurring payments

We've added support for recurring payments for the Stripe payment gateway. Now your users can set up a monthly subscription for their contributions.

To try it out, go to Manage Site > Configuration > Payments > Gateways > Edit > Stripe > Recurring Contributions and check Enable. Check Optional if you want the contributor to choose in the Stripe payment form.

New Configuration menu

Setting up your site is now easier than ever. All the options are now arranged in sections making easier to get an overview. The new menus are found in Manage Site > Configuration as before.

Updated docs and new tutorials

The documentation has been updated to match the new configuration menus, and we've added two introduction videos on our new Youtube channel. Please send us suggestions on what else to cover, and we'll make more.

Blog update

Your blog, found at /blog on your site, now has image upload built in and supports tags. Go to Manage Site > Configuration > Sharing > Blog to enable your blog if you haven't already. Blogging can really help draw users to your site, and is a very powerful marketing tool.

Some URLs have changed!

In the name of progress we had to change some of the URLs for contact and users. If you have custom code using the old URLs, please let us know and we'll fix it for you.

Campaigns, users and groups no longer automatically updates the URL when you change the name. There is now a checkbox for optionally changing the URL when you save in Manage Site. On your site, the users and groups only update their URLs when created, and campaigns only when still not approved.

We've rewritten the link generator and now we have support for International Domain Names (IDN), meaning that if you use script languages like Chinese, Arabic or Sanskrit, the URL will be translated into a valid URL no matter what.

Fixes and cleanup

Today's update includes the following fixes:

  • New sortable contributions list for logged in users. Log in on your site, click on one of your campaigns, and click on "Contributions" to try it out.
  • Fixed an issue where large HTML files didn't display properly in Manage Site > Design editor.
  • Fixed /robots.txt file and automatic /sitemap.xml ping for Google and Bing.
  • Your site now works completely if the user has disabled Javascript.
  • Correct escaping of all user input data for enhanced security.
  • Complete internal clean-up. Literally every view has been updated and optimized.

Thanks for all your feedback making this release possible. As always, please let us know if you find any issues. Enjoy!