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Voting, new themes and API released

Posted by Vidar Eldoy on October 11, 2016

Summer has been great, and here's what we've released so far:

Voting campaigns

We've added a new campaign strategy called "voting". Voting campaigns receive votes to reach their goal instead of receiving money. Go to Manage Site > Configuration > Preferences > Campaigns > Campaign Strategy to set it up.

New themes

We've released a new default theme, called Neue, and some variations on that. The new themes are sleek and modern, yet very customizable. Check them out by going to Manage Site > Configuration > Appearance > Themes.

New appearance options

It's now really easy to select which tabs you want to show on the campaign page. Go to Manage Site > Configuration > Appearance > Layout > Campaign Tabs Visible to choose.

There's also a new option there to display updates at the top of the about field for your campaigns. Simply insert the number of updates you want to show.

API in private beta

The JSON API has been released again as a private beta. The API will let you fetch and update the data for your site via HTTP. We've already gathered lots of feedback, and the final version is right around the corner. Send us an email if you want to help us test it!

The documentation for the API is here: https://crowdfundhq.com/docs/api

User Approval and two-step signup

Now you can approve your users with the click of a button. With this new option enabled, when a user signs up, the user will receive the new User Signup Approval email. Click on the Approve button in user details to approve the user. The user will receive the User Approved email, and can log in, start creating campaigns and contribute.

Enable it in Manage Site > Configuration > Preferences > Users > User Approval.

The Approval extra fields option lets you redirect your user to a separate page with extra fields needed for approval. In this case the user will receive the new User Approval Fields email. This can serve as a two-step signup process.

Go to Manage Site > Configuration > Fields to add your approval fields.

Delete, restore, destroy

Campaigns and users can now be deleted, restored and destroyed. "Destroy" will completely remove any trace of that campaign or user, and cannot be undone. Once a campaign or a user has been deleted, it can be restored back to normal state or be destroyed.

More features

  • PDF version available from Report from Campaign Details, just click the PDF link.
  • New option for adding Billing fields to Stripe payments for extra verification.
  • Updated Pagseguro payments with new IPN functionality.
  • Upgraded servers with security fixes for SSL.
  • Added HTTP API for sitemap, rss and more to documentation.

More feedback please

We've also fixed tons of smaller issues and bugs based on your feedback. To create the best possible service for our users, please don't hesitate letting us know if there is anything at all.

We have lots more features already in development, so watch out for that this fall.

Thanks for using CrowdfundHQ!