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New pricing, Bitcoin payments and Open Source on Github

Posted by Vidar Eldoy on March 6, 2017

Updated pricing

We have optimized our infrastructure and are now able to offer our services at much more competitive prices. As of today, for only $199 per month you get unlimited campaigns and much more storage, which is a 60% reduction from before. Existing accounts are automatically upgraded.

The Professional upgrade remains at $99, but you now get 36 active campaigns instead of just 25. The Personal plan is unchanged. Enjoy the extra power!

Have a look at our new pricing options here. Cost is no longer an issue with CrowdfundHQ.

Bitcoin payments accepted

You can now pay with Bitcoin instead of using Paypal subscriptions when upgrading your site. Bitcoin payments are up front and non-recurring, but you can pay for up to 6 months in advance and will receive notifications before your credit runs out.

Click the "Pay with Bitcoin" link when you upgrade your site to get started.

New Open Source projects

We've started a few open source projects extracted from our internal code base. A brand new asset packer serves your assets lightning fast. The source code is found here. File uploads has been improved and the code has been extracted into a library here.

All of our code can be used separately from CrowdfundHQ, and we hope developers will contribute with issues and fixes. Take a look and let us know what you think!

Site assets on Github

Site assets are now available in our CrowdfundHQ Github repository! You can use this when you're working on your site to see which styles, scripts and images are available on your site. We're moving more code soon, and plan to fully integrate with git version handling. Stay tuned!

New features page

We've made a new features page explaining more about what you can do with CrowdfundHQ and what we offer.

Free SSL setup

SSL setup is now free ( previously $49 ) for all paid sites! Here's how to set it up.

Other fixes

  • Votes can now have custom form fields
  • User avatar is updated when changing domain name
  • Paypal pre-approved payments fixed a date issue
  • Campaigners can no longer edit the goal or delete campaigns if they are active
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate users would be created
  • We've updated the documentation on setting up Facebook login to reflect their latest changes
  • All campaign images are now downloaded and re-uploaded to the CDN for better reliability
  • Youtube video thumbnails are now without black bars if possible
  • Lots of minor tweaks and updates, keep the feedback coming!

Make sure to check out Susana's new blog post on the flat business model and please leave a comment if you like it! We'd love to hear your ideas.

Next up is the final API version and full customization, which we hope to release very soon. Remember to follow us on Facebook and Twitter too for more frequent updates.