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Stripe, Quality Control, Improved Security and Win 2 Free Months

Posted by Per Kristian Haakonsen on August 19, 2014

We now support payments through Stripe. Stripe is available in 17 countries and accepts major international debit or credit cards.

Using Stripe with CrowdfundHQ: http://crowdfundhq.com/docs/payments/stripe-setup
Countries Supported: https://stripe.com/global
Stripe website: https://stripe.com/

Quality Control
You can now improve the quality of your crowdfunding website. We have created a step-by-step quality control guide for you.

Get started: http://crowdfundhq.com/docs/quality-control/introduction

Improved Security
Within the next few days, we will gradually move www.crowdfundhq.com from running on HTTP to running on HTTPS (SSL). If you're not really familiar with these terms, this means that the security of www.crowdfundhq.com is improved.

Please note that this change will not apply to any crowdfunding websites running on our platform. If you are interested in running your crowdfunding website over SSL, we would be happy to hear from you.

Get 2 Months Free
We're giving away two free months! You can choose any subscription type you want, which means the prize is worth almost $1000.

How to win: http://crowdfundhq.com/get-2-months-free.html